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Intuitive Systemic Guidance

Systemic work is not a 'trick' you can do with your mind. We will go on a journey within, connect with your true being, your deep intuitive knowledge and step into the ancient field of wisdom we are all connected to.

Are you ready to step into your field and free yourself? 

  • Seeing your patterns, habits or triggers play out, so you can take control back

  • Discovering what is holding you back

  • Feeling what a topic, situation or theme is truly trying to tell you

  • Revealing underlying motives, that you were unaware of

  • Finding a new sense of love and compassion for yourself

  • Uncover what is hidden 

    Systemic work is fundamentally different. Instead of diving into the mind and rationally working on an issue, Systemic work is about letting intuition, sensations and feelings guide us on a quest, tapping into the field of infinite wisdom. It is profound, pure energy and consciousness work. Connecting with your (family/energy) system, we communicate with what wants to come to light.

    The Journey 

    It is possible to work in private sessions. It is also possible to set up a group experience, which gives an extra layer of magic. Working with a group allows others to represent parts of your quest. This visual representation and their experience can be profoundly enlightening and insightful.

    Private session 90 min: €155

    Package of 3 sessions: 10% discount

    Contact me for possibilities and cost of working with a (private) group

    Book your session below, send a message or email [email protected]!

    Life gets to be fun and easy!

    We are ALL meant to live, work, think, create and love in a way that feels good to us.

    Learn more about your built-in guidance system and strategy to create the life of your dreams.