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Wouldn't it be nice…

If you were born with a manual? Your own, personal guide, that provides insight into your unique qualities and limitations? That allows you to make the right choices effortlessly? That tells why you are here? 

Your Human Design chart is basically a map that tells you who you are, how you process and experience the world, how you best make decisions and what you need to do to stay in harmony with your authentic self.

Start your own Human Design Journey in 3 steps

Step 1 - Book a reading!

Get to know your Human Design. In a reading you learn about the 'basics' of your personal energetic blueprint. These 'basics' already go deep into your unique energy system, your natural way of interacting with the world, and how best to make decisions as & in line with yourself.

Step 2 - Experiment!

Experiment with the information from your Design. Implement it in your daily life and discover where you are working against your flow. In this phase it can be beneficial to book an advanced reading and explore deeper parts of your Human Design, such as your Purpose, Life cycles, or a specific theme (such as prosperity or leadership).

Step 3 - Become who you are meant to be!

While life is supposed to be fun and adventurous, we all know those moments where you notice that old habits and/or limiting beliefs and behaviors are keeping you from growing and following your dreams. There are several tools we can use to help you navigate 'life', so book a coaching or healing session and realign with your authentic self.

Imagine a life where you... 

  • Make decisions with confidence

  • Align with your life's purpose

  • Embrace your natural gifts and talents

  • Recognize where you trip yourself up

  • Feel more fulfilled with how you use your energy

  • Experience self acceptence and trust

  • Are authentically YOU

  • Step 1 - Getting to Know your Design

    An amazing way to get to know your design is by having a personal reading. Here we dive into YOUR chart and YOUR life, making it applicable and practical. All sessions are tailormade and any specific questions can be addressed. Let's get you on your path to your dream life now!

    A) Introduction to Human Design

  • The User Manual basics: How are you meant to function? 

  • A foundation focusing on your type, strategy, authority and signature

  • This is all you need to know to change your life for good! It's real magic!

  • B) Understanding Your Energy

  • A deep dive into your energetics, profile, definition, centers, motors

  • How does your energy work?

  • What are your challenges?

  • C) Focusing on Your Strengths

  • Here we take a look at the unique gifts that you bring

  • Your incarnation cross, channels, circuitry and definition show what comes natural to you

  • What are your strengths, talents and reliable energies?

  • Book your reading

    Step 2 - Experimenting with your Design

    While the main focus of the 'Experiment' is about implementing the basics into your daily life, diving deeper may help keep your mind on board, tackle roadblocks and uncover more layers of who you truly are. It can give you deeper understanding, more tools and insights to continue the experiment.

    Planets ↓

    How do your characteristics play out in your life? Looking at all your gates through the lens of the planets. For example, what theme does Mercury bring to your communication?

    Purpose ↓

    There are specific elements in your chart that give great insight into what your Soul came here to do.

    Soul Mission, Life Path ↓

    Navigate the turbulent times you may be facing in your late 20's, early & late 40's. Insight in specific themes, challenges and activations that we all encounter on our path to living our Soul's mission. 

    Prosperity ↓

    What is your path to prosperity? Let's look at the elements that bring you in alignment with your abundance.

    Inner Child ↓

    Growing up we encounter unique wounds, that can either hinder our growth or we can heal them and share our wisdom.

    Sacral Session ↓

    For (Manifesting) Generators it can be extremely useful to reconnect to their sacral respons. This session explores big life topics, while experimenting with how your own sacral speak to you.

    Incarnation Cross ↓

    A deep dive to the four most prominent energies that want to be expressed through you.

    This gives great insight into what your Soul came here to do.

    Food & Environment ↓

    Yes, your design even tells you how (not what!) best to nourish your body and brain, and what environment you thrive in! Isn't that amazing!?

    Relationships ↓

    When two people come together, their designs interact and create what is called a composite chart. It can be very insightful to explore and understand your dynamics together.

    Coaching ↓

    Let's find out what your chart can tell us about your current dreams and blocks, e.g. business, consistency, leadership, codependence, speed, (im)patience, depression, need for adventure, etc.


    Schedule Your 15-minute Exploration Call

    Unsure where to start your (Human Design) experiment? Let's discuss where you are at, and we'll figure out the best fit.

    Custom made reading and coaching possibilities available.

    Book your Call

    Step 3 - Living your Design

    Life is all about growing and expanding. While this is supposed to be fun and adventurous, we all know those moments where you notice that old habits, limiting beliefs and behaviours are keeping you from doing what you want, making a change and getting to your dreams.

    There are several coaching and/or healing tools we can use to help you navigate 'life' and realign with your authentic self and your dreams!

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