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Guided Releases

Release what is not you, to become who you are meant to be!

You are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions... You have them. We get so caught up in thinking it is who we are, that we let the thoughts and emotions take control of our lives. When you can let go of all the stories of the mind, and allow yourself to feel all there is, you can step into a more true version of you.

Are you ready to let go of what is holding you back? 

  • Release limiting patterns, habits and triggers

  • Create inner peace and confidence

  • Feel more relaxed and joyful

  • Expand your perception, gain more insights and see more possibilities

  • Improve your relationships

  • Learn to listen more to your intuition

  • Love and accept yourself as the unique magical being that you are 

  • How does it work? 

    In a guided release, you are led through a series of questions and prompts to help you identify and let go of negative emotions or beliefs around any issue, situation, belief or emotion, allowing you to experience a sense of relief and emotional freedom. It is an easy, practical, yet very profound and thorough process. It may sound too simple, but I invite you to try it: It's magic!

    You can release anything! From perfectionism, anxiety and fear to sensations, beliefs and emotions. For example, you can release frustrations around your job, or your irritation towards your mom's or kid's behaviour, or your feelings of stress and not doing or being good enough at work or in your relationship, or your thoughts and worries like 'I can't do this', 'I have to do that', or 'I am just not smart', or even your headache and exhaustion. Literally any situation that triggers you.

    A guided release can be done in person, or online.

    Single session: €111 (60min), €155 (90min)

    Package of 3 sessions: 10% discount

    Book your session below, send a message or email [email protected]!

    Life gets to be fun and easy!

    We are ALL meant to live, work, think, create and love in a way that feels good to us.

    Learn more about your built-in guidance system and strategy to create the life of your dreams.