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Book your Human Design Reading, Coaching or Creatrix session

Reflector Session

As a Reflector (one of the Human Design Types) I bring a unique observing and sampling style. I see the potential of the people around me, through my specific lens. And if you are willing to look in the mirror, we can bring this potential to the surface together.

Are you ready to be seen? 

  • No more hiding

  • Invitation to step into your potential 

  • Acknowledge your blocks

  • Love and accept yourself - as the unique magical being that you are 

  • Take a look in my mirror

    Come take a look in my mirror. In this session I share my intuitive reflections of your Human Design and your energetic system. These sessions can have a reassuring, calming and uplifting effect, as well as bring clarifying and confrontational realizations. Together we can define your vision for yourself.

    Are you willing to receive what I see in you? Let yourself be surprised by what this encounter can show you.

    Includes a mini Human Design reading & intuitive reflection

    (On request an Energy Healing can be added @ 50% discount)

    In person session 60 min: €95

    Online session 45 min: €75

    Book your session below, send a message or email [email protected]!

    Life gets to be fun and easy!

    We are ALL meant to live, work, think, create and love in a way that feels good to us.

    Learn more about your built-in guidance system and strategy to create the life of your dreams.