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Human Design Basics

Your Human Design chart is basically a map that tells you who you are, how you process and experience the world, how you best make decisions and what you need to do to stay in harmony with your authentic self.

 In these readings you learn about the 'basics' of your personal energetic blueprint. These 'basics' already go deep into your unique energy system, your natural way of interacting with the world, and how best to make decisions as & in line with yourself.

Are you ready to dive into your own Human Design? 

  • Understand your unique gifts and themes, and purpose - and how we can optimally express them

  • Work with your energy instead of against it - to be successful in ways that feel natural to you, even when society tells you it's not possible

  • Create the life you want - and manifest everything you desire

  • Love and accept yourself - as the unique magical being that you are 

  • There are 3 layers to learning about your basics:

    A) An Introduction to our Unique blueprint

    B) Understanding your Energetics 

    C) Focusing on your Strengths

    Content of the Basics readings are highlighted in Step 1 of your Human Design Journey

    There is also an extended reading available, which includes reading A and parts of B and C.

    Session A, B or C: 60 min €175

    Session A, B and C: 3x60 min €475

    Extended Basics: 90 min €250

    Book your session below, send a message or email [email protected]!

    Life gets to be fun and easy!

    We are ALL meant to live, work, think, create and love in a way that feels good to us.

    Learn more about your built-in guidance system and strategy to create the life of your dreams.