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Energy Healing

A healing tunes into your energy system to identify disturbances in the energy flow or vibrational frequencies. The intention is to improve the self-healing capacity of the body.

Are you ready to receive what your system needs? 

  • More flow

  • More ease 

  • Renewed energy

  • Relaxation

  • Internal sense of peace

  • How does this help? 

    Sometimes helping our 'system' on an energetic level can work miracles. During an energy healing, we focus upon grounding your energy, supporting the flow of your energy, and we pay attention to the state of your chakra's and aura. The chakra's and aura represent aspects or themes within us that may need some extra love and care. In this process I am the guide and facilitator - the actual 'healing' is done by the self-healing capacity of your system, which this process will boost.  

    Allow yourself to receive support for the energy flow in your system. This affects the emotional and mental body, as well as the physical body. Experience a healing session yourself to discover the restorative magic!

    How does it work? 

    An energy healing can be done in person, online, or even virtual/off-line. Mostly the session is done in silence in the energetic field, after receiving permission from your system. In all cases you will receive a feedback message of the healing. With a virtual session, you can go about your daily activities, and you will receive a (voice) message after - it can be powerful to set an intention.

    In person session 60 min: €75

    Online or virtual/off-line session 45 min: €55

    Book your session below, send a message or email [email protected]!

    Life gets to be fun and easy!

    We are ALL meant to live, work, think, create and love in a way that feels good to us.

    Learn more about your built-in guidance system and strategy to create the life of your dreams.